Is Your Business Nothing Without You?


Are you leaving money on the table? Over the combined 50+ years the team at JBVal has performed valuations, we hear from proud business owners, “This business would be nothing without me.”   It’s inevitable one day, they will not walk in the door. When asked what happens when that day comes, they shrug it [...]

Is Your Business Nothing Without You?2022-06-10T12:21:38-04:00

Why 99% of businesses don’t reach profit potential


Every company wants to increase profitability. The first place they should look is actually not to new leads, but inward at their own operations. 99% of businesses are missing out on potential profits. With minor tweaks, a business owner can begin to realize thousands of dollars or more in his or her pocket. After 35+ years [...]

Why 99% of businesses don’t reach profit potential2022-06-10T12:33:37-04:00

How a small minority of family businesses thrive through transition


70% of family businesses fail before reaching the second generation, 90% before the third (source: Family Business Institute) Do you want this to happen to you? Did you know there is such a high failure rate? Is your future doomed? Few business advisors and even fewer owners know the business structuring secrets that give [...]

How a small minority of family businesses thrive through transition2022-06-10T12:43:00-04:00

Increase recurring revenue without a single new lead


Even when business is going great and you have a full backlog, in the background lurks the stress to find your next lead.  Even truer when times are tough!Without new leads, a business cannot increase its revenues. Right? Wrong!Companies that depend on one-time sales or projects must constantly seek new leads.  This is a huge [...]

Increase recurring revenue without a single new lead2022-06-10T12:32:34-04:00

Is Your Budget Outdated?


A manager is emailed the company’s budget for this year and he looks at it with a smile. He files it away into the Budget folder. “Finally, we’re done with that for another year,” he says. Traditionally, budgets are completed once a year and forgot about. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, “set it [...]

Is Your Budget Outdated?2022-06-10T12:44:54-04:00

How Your Customer Base Affects Your Company’s Value


A red flag for a buyer is a company with a few customers or even just one (yes, that does happen). If one or two customers leave, how much is the company now worth? Little to nothing. Would you buy a company where sales and profits are tied to a few customers, regardless of [...]

How Your Customer Base Affects Your Company’s Value2022-06-10T12:47:49-04:00

Are loss leaders right for your business?


I walked through the aisles of Babies “R” Us™ to get to the exorbitantly cheap baby formula in the back of the store. On my way, I stumbled upon a toy I knew my son would love. It wasn’t what I came for, but I picked it up anyway. Without knowing, I fell right [...]

Are loss leaders right for your business?2022-06-10T12:48:45-04:00

ESOPs & The Pandemic


Massive layoffs, record applications for unemployment, “Closed” signs displayed on businesses we love most. All are commonplace in today’s pandemic world. All businesses are impacted by this pandemic. ESOP companies show more success in dealing with it. Recent research from Rutgers University proves this. At ESOP owned companies, the median job loss was 4 [...]

ESOPs & The Pandemic2022-06-10T12:50:17-04:00

Optimize business, optimize life.


A Cautionary Tale… A client heard some horrible news: his wife was diagnosed with an illness that would end her life. Doctors advised that she should have 10-15 years of reasonable health before her early demise. This man is an entrepreneur. He turns the most difficult obstacles into opportunities. He didn’t sit and mope. [...]

Optimize business, optimize life.2022-06-10T12:51:13-04:00

Are you squeezing all the juice out of the fruit that is your business?


Over the past 30+ years, I have completed valuations for thousands of small businesses. I have seen businesses rise to the top and become successful beyond the owner’s dreams. I have seen many seemingly great businesses with passionate owners fail. It’s hard not to question why. Running a business is tricky. There is no [...]

Are you squeezing all the juice out of the fruit that is your business?2022-06-10T12:52:04-04:00

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