The experts at JBVal have been providing valuation services for over 30 years. What began as a sole proprietorship has grown into a boutique valuation firm serving clients across the country. Valuations are all we do; we leave all accounting and legal matters to the expert CPAs and attorneys. Our mission is to provide a valuation that is fair to all parties. All valuation experts are independent. We are fiercely independent. This stance allows us to prepare the fair and highly defensible reports we do. Our credo is “If you can’t support it, don’t state it.” Our goal is to complete projects within two to three weeks after receiving the requested data. Our success rate is virtually 100%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we serve?

Attorneys, CPAs, TPAs and other trusted advisors rely on the thoroughness, dedication and timeliness of the professionals at JBVal. Our outstanding repeat referral rate proves this. A referral to JBVal always means a thoroughly satisfied client with virtually no time spent by the referring advisor, and no conflict of interest to your referral source as we only do valuations.

How long has JBVal been in business?

JBVal has been in business for over 30 years, serving small and medium-sized businesses’ needs for valuations. Our Team’s combined experience is over 60 years. Our reputation is for providing fair, defensible valuations in a quick time frame.

What services do you offer?

We provide valuations that hold meaning to the small business owner.  These include ESOPs, gifts, estates, buy sell agreements, employee compensation and assisting in determining a price for a sale.

What can I expect from a JBVal valuation?

The BEST experience you ever had as a business owner. No joke! You’re getting a valuation done because an advisor said you needed it. To you, that means another check you have to write. Not the case with JBVal. A valuation can be a powerful tool to increase your cash flow and the value of your business. More money in your pocket and more time to spend it! How? Call and find out!

How long does a valuation take?

Our goal is three weeks, a goal we strive to (and do) meet. A fair and defensible valuation doesn’t take months when you’re as expert as we are!

When should I have my business appraised?

Your business is by far your largest and most important asset. It pays for your lifestyle. It supports your family and will eventually fund your retirement. Not knowing its value and how to increase that value is like waiting till you have a heart attack before getting an EKG. Knowledge is power! Knowing its value and how to increase it is a simple way to build your wealth and bolster your legacy.

Why do I need a business valuation?

Often, the driver to obtaining a valuation is to back a transaction. Reasons can range from a gift to your kids to compensating employees with shares. While these are legit and important reasons to have a valuation, the best reasons are knowing the worth of your most valuable asset and guidance on how to improve your cash flow and the value of your business.

Why JBVal?

There are many valuation firms, most of which do a good job of meeting your advisor’s valuation requirements. We have performed 1,000’s of valuations over several decades. We have seen all types of businesses, of all sizes and with a range of management styles. We listen to what you, the business owner, has to say.

What is my dollar investment in a JBVal valuation?

A simple question with a simple answer: It depends. It depends on what you need the valuation for. Is it for limited internal use or something you need for the IRS? A quick call will get you the answer you want.