Kevin JenningsFounder

For over 30 years, Kevin Jennings has led a team that provides valuations geared to small business owners.

Every small business serves a niche. Kevin’s ability to empathize with the challenges and the unique opportunities these niches hold allows him to craft a valuation that truly reflects the uniqueness of the business.

His success is proven by the significant number of continuing referrals from professionals. The focus of Kevin and of the entire JBVal Team is to provide defensible valuations that a trusted advisor can always count on and will be completed on a timely basis. He and the Team understand a trusted advisor’s time is limited. That advisor can trust that valuations handled by JBVal will require no follow up from them.

Kevin holds the CPA license, holds two valuation certification and two degrees in accounting. Kevin has an extensive background in manufacturing and is known for thinking outside the box. He uses his years of experience, knowledge and education to help clients grow their businesses, to become more efficient and more profitable.